For investors

EMPYRIO is looking for partners and investors for the development of international business in the production of equipment, services in the field of processing of organic waste and renewable energy based on biomass.

EMPYRIO is interested in industrial partners who wants to solve the problem of organic waste disposal. Our partners can be from agricultural, food, woodworking, oil, chemical and other industries, where organic waste is formed.

EMPYRIO raised the first funding in amount of 50K EUR at pre-seed stage within the Commercialization Reactor Fund (CRF) first pre-seed application round with possibility to be supplemented with a seed round of up to 250K EUR co-investment together with private funding. Presence of other investor most probably will ensure receivement of EUR 250k from CRF. We are ready to discuss any type of investment attraction to the project. So, please, contact us for discussion.

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