To solve a problem in poultries of chicken droppings utilization and constant warm temperature maintaining in poultry houses with chickens, technical specialists of EMPYRIO developed set of equipment, which allows different organic waste (especially, high-moisturized like chicken droppings and high-viscous like petrochemical residues) drying and, if necessary, utilization by burning  and receiving thermal energy.


Unique dryer-grinder of cyclone-rotary type removes water from the processed waste and creates homogeneous mass, suitable for further usage, most often as fertilizer. Otherwise it could be converted into thermal energy in the patented EMPYRIO burner at the 900 oC temperature.


To achieve high-efficient utilization, furnace bar free thermo chemical burner:

  • creates various rotating fluidized beds of utilized waste particles;
  • control movement parameters of each bed separately:
    • movement in any of XYZ direction;
    • Speed of movement.

EMPYRIO burner could burn different type of organic waste simultaneously and it is not necessary to have pre-treatment of the utilized organic waste, so it could be by different particles sizes.


Both, waste drying and burning process is controlled by industrial sensors and automatics. Process data are indicated in PC software.


For poultries, equipment usage could be the following: in warm time of the year, when chicken houses do not require extra heating, chicken droppings could be dried (see picture to the left) and used as fertilizers, but in cold time of the year, when there is no need of fertilizers, but necessity of heating chicken houses exists, chicken droppings could be dried and then burned to receive thermal energy for heating.


Traditional incinerators are not very suitable for chicken droppings utilization:


EMPYRIO equipment

Traditional incinerators

Type of chicken droppings:

-          from cages (pure form – high humidity)

-          from poultry houses (mixed with sawdust – low humidity)



-          from poultry houses (mixed with sawdust – low humidity)

Type of equipment:

Furnace bar free.

With ring, spouting, rotating fluidized beds

Furnace bar based


Burning type:


- Cyclonic

- Vortex

- In fluidized beds

- In rotating beds

In rotating beds (in case of movable furnace bars)

Maximum humidity:

75 %

50 %

Burning efficiency:

High-efficient due to the waste small particle size

Low-effective due to waste large particle size and falling down thru the furnace bars

Droppings pre-treatment:

Not required


Drum-type burner:

Not required


That is why poultries uses biogas equipment to utilize chicken droppings and convert biogas into electricity or heat. But biogas equipment is very expensive and could be paid off only in 10 years. Also such type of equipment requires large spaces for installation and couldn’t use pure chicken droppings. It requires to mix droppings with sawdust or other dry materials in the same quantity as droppings. In the cold time of the year, biogas equipment requires additional heating for its operation. And at the end of the fermentation process in the biogas equipment, remain a lot of wastewaters and also residues called digestate, which are hardly utilizable.

At the same time EMPYRIO equipment can proceed initial chicken droppings with humidity up to 75%. And in case of its’ further utilization by burning, no extra fuel is required to maintain the burning process! Thermal energy, which comes from burning, goes back to the process and dry next party of droppings. Thus is ensured utilization process cyclicity and constant supply of thermal energy.


EMPYRIO set of equipment is rather compact and could be installed in standard container for easy transportation and also usage as mobile equipment for providing organic waste utilization service or treatment of waste of customers’ various locations (for example, in some farms or other objects).   Despite the fact, that equipment is rather compact, but due to unique construction, it could high-efficiently and high-productively utilize large volumes (up to 30 tons/day) of any kind of organic waste. And especially, high-moisturized and high-viscous, which are not suitable for utilization by another type of equipment.

EMPYRIO engineers are ready to modify standard equipment to the specific needs of customers, using experience in non-standard equipment development and production.

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